Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Inspires You?

With this blog I have always talked a lot about what is going on with my running, racing and a little about life in general. I have many times mentioned some of the things that get me excited about running, what motivates me to keep going and what inspires me in life. As I begin to shift some of the focus of this blog, I am going to occasionally post a question looking to find out more about who reads and follows me on my blog.

My 1st question is: WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

It could be about the things that inspire you to run, or it could be the things or people that inspire you to get through each day of life.

Here are a few things that inspire me.

I am inspired daily by the students that I get to work with in my classroom and out on the track. They keep me feeling energized and upbeat even when I often don't feel that way when I show up to start my day. I am inspired every time I go to watch a marathon. When I see so many people pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could have done and getting excited about doing something most people would never dream of doing, I get inspired to continue training for marathons myself. But the thing that inspires me most is the relationship I have with my family and with God. They mean everything to me. They encourage me and keep me positive when so many others wouldn't do that for me.

There are countless other things that keep me going, but what about you??


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j_heebink said...

Well, the first thing is easy: you! Your determination and enthusiasm and your faith. Even my primary inspiration was jump-started with your help: God.

Every day things: a good workout, encouragement from your mom, seeing what good people my kids are becoming, learning something new that stretches my imagination.