Friday, March 9, 2012

5th in the World

I'm finally getting around to posting the results from the Treadmill 1 Mile World Championships last Friday night. It was a weekend long event, so I had to wait a couple days to get the complete results, but here they are: I placed 5th overall in a time of 5:10.3.

The first thing I will say was this was a lot more fun than I had been anticipating. I normally hate running on treadmills but this was a blast. I ended up competing on the treadmill directly next to a member of TC Running Company's racing team so the team competition intensified the atmosphere. He ended up beating me (he won the entire thing in 4:50!!) but I ran very strong. I began conservatively not knowing how much I trusted myself to avoid falling off the back of the treadmill if I started too fast. Eventually, I sped up and by the end of the race, I had nearly maxed out the treadmill.

The 2 days that followed left me with hamstrings being very sore and I couldn't do much to make them feel better. My hammys are not accustomed to moving like that, especially on a treadmill.

What I ultimately took from this race was that I am in a lot better shape than I thought initially. The first 10-15 seconds of the treadmill race was spent walking as the belt picked up speed so in reality, I may have run much closer to a 5:00 mile or under! I am now looking forward to the Human Race 8K one week from Sunday to kick-off the 2012 USATF Minnesota Team Circuit. Our Gear West team should be pretty strong this year and I hope to be much improved over 2011.

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