Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rough Running Week...Great Life Week!

This has been one crazy week to say the least. Jumping right to the exciting wife and I have found a house and have signed off on an agreement to buy our first house! At the beginning of the week, we were just taking a second look at the house, by the end of that night we were putting an offer on it. We spent the next two days going back and forth with the sellers making counteroffers but we finally came to an agreement and we will close on the house in mid-May! Both of us are incredibly excited for this next step in our married life together. We will be moving to Maple Grove, only a couple blocks away from Elm Creek Park Reserve, one of my all-time favorite places to run! Needless to say, the next two months will be very busy with planning, buying things for the house and packing to move out of our apartment (not to mention it's the end of the school year and track season!).

My week of training was not nearly as good as my week of life as a whole, but with the busyness of getting a deal on a house, my running had to take a backseat. Since Sunday, I have only run 41 miles (well below my original plan). Part of that was due to some discomfort in my left hip. My run this morning with the track team left me feeling the best I have with my hip in over a week. I've determined it is simply tight and as I long as I loosen it up really well before I run, I don't even notice it during the workouts. Running fewer miles probably helped it as well, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it, just in case it gets worse.

Tomorrow is a big day. It is the first race of the 2012 USATF Minnesota Team Circuit, the Human Race 8K on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. I'm excited to be running for Gear West again this year and am certainly planning on a much stronger season than I had last year. Keeping healthy throughout the year is my number one goal so I can be at my best in October for the Chicago Marathon but there are a number of races in the meantime I am really looking forward to, the Human Race being the first of those. You can see the rest of my upcoming races listed below on the right hand side of the blog.

Gear West will have a solid group of runners competing: myself, Kyle Donovan, Ted Lillie, Tim Wucherer, Jason Quarford, and Brian McCollor (Speedy). I will post race results later on tomorrow afternoon. For those of you doing St. Patty's Day races this weekend, good luck and have fun!!

Also, the video posted below is the recap of the Treadmill 1 Mile World Championships from two weeks ago. Watch for me running and being interviewed by Carrie Tollefson about halfway through the video!

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